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Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND

Athletes, Bodybuilders

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Information for Athletes, Bodybuilders and Other Active People.

  • Breakthrough health information for active people!

  • Unlock your body's full potential.

  • The truth is much of what you do to improve your body can cause severe long term problems unless you take active steps to avoid a simple health trap!

The trap is SWEAT. What you do causes you to sweat and what you LOSE through sweating MUST be replaced.

Sweat is not just salt and water! It is more than just a few electrolytes! Sweat contains everything in your blood! Yes! It contains 60 minerals, vitamins, rare earths, electrolytes, and amino acids.

Most "Sports Drinks", even coupled with healthy eating WILL NOT replace all the essential nutrients you lose through sweat.

Dr. Wallach, with over 40 years research experience, has unlocked the secrets of nutritional deficiencies and proper supplementation.

Listen to what Dr. Wallach has to say:

  1. "Athletes are thought to be so healthy with things like 4% body fat, etc., but they are sweating out all their minerals which protect them from diseases including ruptured aneurisms, heart attacks, and other conditions"

  2. "You have all heard news reports about young athletes dying each year of cardiomyopathy heart attacks, yet the only known cause of cardiomyopathy is a selenium deficiency. Evander Holifield was once banned from boxing because of his heart. His physician put him on a selenium supplement and he soon passed the cardiogram and went back into boxing."



  1. "Jim Fixx authored books telling the benefits of running for your health, yet he died at 52 from a heart attack."

  2. Reggie Lewis hired a dream team of cardiologists to help him and they failed. Ironically, the head of this dream team, also a marathon runner, died a year after Reggie from the same heart condition. The doctor was 47.

  3. "62% of the female gymnasts in the U.S. suffer from anorexia. In my treating some young female gymnasts I determined through hair analysis they had a zinc deficiency. Soon after I started them on mineral supplements these young girls recovered from anorexia."
  4. "An early warning sign of mineral deficiency is the staleness syndrome, burnout, best performance is in the past - however you wish to define it. You just can't do what you once did. If this sounds like you then you most likely suffer from a mineral deficiency."

  5. "We have professional athletes who had to quit their sport after 8, 10 or 12 years because of joint problems and we get them on our nutrient replacement programs and within 6 months they are stronger, more fit and have more agility and flexibility than when they were playing. The sports trainers do not know this because they are reading from Doctor written nutrition books and sports books."

  6. "Calcium deficiency is very common and log term the effects can be severely debilitating. Some early warning signs are cramps and twitches (muscle, eyelid, etc.)"
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