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Dr. Joel Wallach,Youngevity ,Dead Doctors Don't Lie,colloidal minerals.

Frequently asked questions and answers.

Dr. Joel Wallach,Youngevity ,Dead Doctors Don't Lie,colloidal minerals.

Question - Dr. Wallach, you stated that people started developing tin deficiencies when the canners began to use aluminum cans rather than tin. This makes no sense. The tin in the tin cans would be metallic, rock based tin and would be totally unusable. Could you clarify this point?
Dr. Wallach When you add contents like grapefruit and V-8 and tomato juice and pineapple juice, things which are a little bit acidic, they will actually leach out a minute percentage of that metallic mineral in the can, into the juices.

Dr. Joel Wallach,Youngevity ,Dead Doctors Don't Lie,colloidal minerals.

Question - In Majestic Earth Plus, the ingredients list shows 600mg of calcium 150mg of magnesium. This is exactly the wrong ratio of calcium to magnesium, from what I've read. Comment?

Dr. Wallach: I'll say two things on that. Some people have the idea that calcium goes to some parts of the body and turns solid. It just doesn't work that way. But if you're taking metallic minerals, as opposed to colloidal, that's where you need to be concerned about the calcium / magnesium ratio. The calcium and magnesium on that list are part of the vitamin multiple pre-mix added to Majestic Earth Plus, and they are Chelated. Second, you have all colloidal Majestic Earth Minerals calcium and magnesium in Majestic Earth Plus. The Calcium / magnesium ratio is not a problem.

Dr. Joel Wallach,Youngevity ,Dead Doctors Don't Lie,colloidal minerals.

Question - You stated that minerals are neither created or destroyed. Not true. Elements do transmute and form different elements. A French scientist (Professor C. Louis Kervran: Member of the New York Academy of Science and Director of Conferences of the Paris University) has written a book called "Biological Transmutations", published by the Happiness Press, Magali, Ca. Chris Bird wrote a chapter about Professor Kervran in the book "The Secret Life of Plants".

He states that at the subatomic level, unknown changes, etc. are produced. Light weight elements do transmute. In chapter 6 he discusses how calcium is derived from silicone. On page 95 he discusses how enzymes in the human body allow iron to change into manganese.

Dr. Wallach: Yes, minerals do transmute from higher periodic chart numbers to lower. For instance, uranium over thousands of years will eventually turn into lead .But you can't go the other direction. You can't take lead and go make gold, which has been tried.

The work of Professor Kervran involved chickens laying soft eggs. Then they'd go out in the barnyard and eat sand in the barnyard and suddenly their eggs would have calcium in the shells again. So he felt that the birds were transmuting the silica into calcium. Not true. It doesn't work that way.

The birds were not only eating sand. There was also little bits of calcium carbonate in there from coral and oysters. And it doesn't take much for it to get in the eggshells.

No living system...no plants or animals...can make minerals or transmute minerals. In the laboratory, in industry, you can make diamonds and rubies. So the definition which we had when I was in grade school - "minerals can be neither created or destroyed" - isn't quite accurate. Now you have to say: "Minerals can neither be created nor destroyed by living systems". In a laboratory you can take raw materials and create minerals.

Interestingly, things like precious jewels actually aren't a pure mineral. They're usually aluminum - based and have contaminants in them which give them their color.

I've written a book on the subject titled "Rare Earths: Forbidden Cures" It includes all of this research.

I know Chris Bird from "The Secret Life of Plants". He's a great writer and a very interesting fellow.

Dr. Joel Wallach,Youngevity ,Dead Doctors Don't Lie,colloidal minerals.

Question - I take spirulina from the upper part of Klamath lake. It's supposed to be the finest quality Blue-Green algae in the world. I feel noticeable better when I take it. Are you telling me that product isn't worthwhile?

Dr. Wallach: It's a great source of anti-oxidants, beta carotene, Chlorophyll, a small amount of Vitamin E. Those are all the positive things about it. But when you look at the research that the military did in the 30's and 40's, trying to use Blue-Green algae as a food supplement for the troops in their breads and biscuits, they realized that when you put people through great physical and/or emotional stresses, you needed the best nutrition possible. And they wanted to get as much as possible into compact GI rations. So they tried it. But concluded that to get the minimum daily amount, you'd need to take two pounds per day of pure Blue-Green algae. That would give you everything you needed.

They tested and tested, but they could not get anyone above 50 grams a day without getting major digestive upsets: Gas, stomach cramping, bowel pain, diarrhea. So they dropped the project, and concluded that as a sole supplement it doesn't work. Many articles were written in the 30's and 40's on that subject. If you are getting benefit from it take it, but please don't expect to get total supplementation from it.

Dr. Joel Wallach,Youngevity ,Dead Doctors Don't Lie,colloidal minerals.

Question - When will these Majestic Earth deposits run out?

Dr Wallach: The Majestic Earth deposit is projected to last 500 years if we use it daily 1000 times more than we're now using it annually. Even so, in 1994, I began searching for other deposits of this material. It's a long tough hunt, because right now this location in Southern Utah is the only known area on earth where harvestable levels of this material are found. You need very low rainfall, and the forests must be entombed by a glacier or volcano. To get those factors together in one place...well you're just not going to encounter it very often.

Dr. Joel Wallach,Youngevity ,Dead Doctors Don't Lie,colloidal minerals.

Question - What is the consistency of humic Shale? If this is fossilized plant life, then how can Majestic Earth be such small particle size as you claim?
Dr. Wallach: Humic shale is like the floor of a forest, very compacted dry leaves and sticks. The consistency is like dried saltine crackers or very dry oak leaves. Put them into your hands and rub them together, and it all crumbles into a real fine dust..
It's not rock. It's not fossilized. To be fossilized you need a lot of water in the area. Then, as the water soaks the plants, minerals from the water are absorbed into the plant cells, fossilizing the plant. No Water, no fossils.
But the area where the Majestic Earth comes from - where the humic shale is - had less than 2" of rainfall a year. So there was not enough rain to fossilize or petrify. Look up the word "shale" in the dictionary; and you'll find it's just a layered, compacted deposit of plant life which never fossilized or petrified.
And remember, the particle size in Majestic Earth is not the original material. We grind this dried plant material into a fine flour and soak it in water, leaching out the fine- particle colloidal minerals. So it's a two step process.

Dr. Joel Wallach,Youngevity ,Dead Doctors Don't Lie,colloidal minerals.

Question - If I want to change the calcium / magnesium ratio, what is the most digestible / product to supplement with?

Dr Wallach: If you want to add magnesium, Youngevity has a product in the Chelated form - Ultimate Calcium - which has an excellent magnesium source. It includes calcium, magnesium, potassium, and boron. It's as good as any on the market, and better than most...probably because of the added boron. That's the "Plus" part.

The boron is kind of interesting. It doesn't affect minerals directly, but it does help the adrenal glands and the liver produce hormones and perform their functions better, including the regulation of minerals better. There's plenty of colloidal boron in Majestic Earth Minerals and Majestic Earth Plus, which is one reason why they're so effective.

Dr. Joel Wallach,Youngevity ,Dead Doctors Don't Lie,colloidal minerals.

Question - You told the chicken cartilage story the other night. My doctor says I have bone rubbing bone in my shoulder. Does Youngevity have any product to supply the substance the cartilage gives you?

Dr. Wallach: Joint replacement operations are very big with the medical doctors these days, especially hip replacements. So you're looking at big bucks. And they're 100% UNNECESSARY, since the cause is damaged or destroyed joint cartilage, and can be grown back.

Yes, Youngevity has two products which do that. Formula Plus includes 50mg of chondroitin sulfate. That's a sulfur-bearing series of amino acids or protein that you find in cartilage and tendons. And you also find the amino acids which make up chondroition sulfate in the Pig Pack

This is why people with arthritis react so quickly to the chondroitin sulfate.

And if you want a really cheap solution to cartilage trouble, go to the drug store and buy some Knox gelatin. Take a couple teaspoons a day, and it'll replenish your body's cartilage.

His new Ultimate Gluco-gel is the answer for nutritional support for arthritis, in combination with the Pig Pack Formula.

Dr. Joel Wallach Colloidal Minerals

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