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Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND

Information for Athletes, Bodybuilders and Other Active People.

bulletBreakthrough health information for active people!

bulletUnlock your body's full potential.

bulletThe truth is much of what you do to improve your body can cause severe long term problems unless you take active steps to avoid a simple health trap!

The trap is SWEAT. What you do causes you to sweat and what you LOSE through sweating MUST be replaced.

Sweat is not just salt and water! It is more than just a few electrolytes! Sweat contains everything in your blood! Yes! It contains 60 minerals, vitamins, rare earths, electrolytes, and amino acids.

Most "Sports Drinks", even coupled with healthy eating WILL NOT replace all the essential nutrients you lose through sweat.

Dr. Wallach, with over 40 years research experience, has unlocked the secrets of nutritional deficiencies and proper supplementation.

Dr. Joel Wallach,Youngevity ,Dead Doctors Don't Lie,colloidal minerals.

Listen to what Dr. Wallach has to say:

  1. "Athletes are thought to be so healthy with things like 4% body fat, etc., but they are sweating out all their minerals which protect them from diseases including ruptured aneurisms, heart attacks, and other conditions"

  2. "You have all heard news reports about young athletes dying each year of cardiomyopathy heart attacks, yet the only known cause of cardiomyopathy is a selenium deficiency. Evander Holifield was once banned from boxing because of his heart. His physician put him on a selenium supplement and he soon passed the cardiogram and went back into boxing."

  3. "Jim Fixx authored books telling the benefits of running for your health, yet he died at 52 from a heart attack."

  1. Reggie Lewis hired a dream team of cardiologists to help him and they failed. Ironically, the head of this dream team, also a marathon runner, died a year after Reggie from the same heart condition. The doctor was 47.

  2. "62% of the female gymnasts in the U.S. suffer from anorexia. In my treating some young female gymnasts I determined through hair analysis they had a zinc deficiency. Soon after I started them on mineral supplements these young girls recovered from anorexia."

  3. "An early warning sign of mineral deficiency is the staleness syndrome, burnout, best performance is in the past - however you wish to define it. You just can't do what you once did. If this sounds like you then you most likely suffer from a mineral deficiency."

  4. "We have professional athletes who had to quit their sport after 8, 10 or 12 years because of joint problems and we get them on our nutrient replacement programs and within 6 months they are stronger, more fit and have more agility and flexibility than when they were playing. The sports trainers do not know this because they are reading from Doctor written nutrition books and sports books."

  5. "Calcium deficiency is very common and log term the effects can be severely debilitating. Some early warning signs are cramps and twitches (muscle, eyelid, etc.)"


Dr. Joel Wallach,Youngevity ,Dead Doctors Don't Lie,colloidal minerals.

Many people, especially athletes and bodybuilders, do replace some of the essential nutrients, but most are not optimizing their results.



There are three types of mineral supplements elemental, Chelated and plant derived colloidal (be careful some elemental minerals are called colloidal at health food stores). You body absorbs and reacts to each differently.





    Elemental minerals include egg shell, oyster shell, calcium carbonate, lime stone, dolomite, mineral salt, sea water, mineral oxides, clays, various antacids such as Rolaids and Tums, etc. Typically elemental minerals are found in tablets and powders as citrates, lactates, gluconates, sulfates, carbonates, and oxides. The normal young adult can only absorb about 8 to 12 percent of these and then after age 40 the absorption usually drops to 3 to 5 percent. Also consider in 1000mg of calcium lactate 860mg (86%) is lactate and only 140mg (14%) is calcium. Of this 14% you get the rate you can absorb: 14mg at 10% absorption and a scant 2.8mg at 2% absorption. Elemental minerals can also build up in the system and cause toxicity.

    bulletChelated minerals are elemental minerals which are wrapped with an amino acid, protein or enzyme. Chelated minerals are usually about 40% absorbable and your body passes through the other 60%. Chelated minerals are easily recognized by the amino acid suffix such as selenium aspartate, chromium picolinate or sometimes as an "amino acid chelate".

    bulletThe highest absorption, up to 98%, comes from plant derived colloidal minerals. These are minerals which have been processed by plants and are extremely small in size, about 7000 times smaller than a red blood cell. The average human can absorb up to 98% of these minerals. Contrary to many beliefs, our modern food does not contain the full spectrum of minerals (Senate Doc 264) and we must rely on supplementation to get what we need. The best source of plant derived colloidal minerals is humic shale (compressed prehistoric plants). Plant derived colloidal minerals are water soluble and will not cause toxicity.

  • bullet 
    TRACE ELEMENTS: According to Dr. Wallach, "The most significant development in the trace element field during the last 25 years of the 20th century has been the recognition that trace elements have a fundamental role in health maintenance and that optimal intakes from food sources can no longer be taken for granted." Trace elements are found in exceedingly low amounts in healthy tissue and the low concentration does not represent their relative importance in nutrition. Almost all trace elements function as catalysts for a cellular or sub cellular enzyme system. In layman's terms these are extremely important for your health. Without them, normal reactions at the cellular level may be incomplete thereby compromising the function of the entire system. Initially one might experience symptoms such as low blood sugar, irregular heart beat or graying hair. Ultimately, the appearance of symptoms such as impaired learning, dystrophy of muscles, loss of stamina and decreased longevity are noted.

    RATIOS: MINERALS NEED TO BE IN BALANCE TO WORK PROPERLY. For example calcium and magnesium work together, taking one without the proper amount of the other fails to get the best results. Too much of one may completely negate the benefits of the other. Chromium and Vanadium, in the proper ratios, work together and Dr. Wallach has had tremendous results in treating adult onset diabetes with these two minerals. Many examples could be given, but the important thing to remember is minerals must be in balance to be effective. When buying and taking supplements individually you must know what to take and how much of each. Only the best products, such as Youngevity , already have them in the proper ratios and amounts.

    COST: Many factors must be considered in looking at the cost of nutrients. Are you getting beneficial use of what you are taking? Are you absorbing 2%, 12%, 40% or 98%? What is the true cost per milligram absorbed? Are you getting everything you need in what you are buying or do you have to buy more? How much is each nutrient individually costing you. Can you get a better deal with a more complete program? Compare the ingredients in Majestic Earth Ultimate with your supplements and then compare the cost.


    Dr. Joel Wallach,Youngevity ,Dead Doctors Don't Lie,colloidal minerals.

    Get the products that work!

    Youngevity products are designed to replace all 90 essential nutrients (including those we sweat out). More importantly, all elements are blended in the proper ratios to ensure optimum absorption and utilization by the body. There are several product variations for specific needs.


    • Majestic Earth Sport's Tech is designed to replace everything a person would sweat out of their bodies during heavy activity.
    • Sport's Tech is a special blend of nutrients
    • Ingredients: Plant Derived Minerals, 8 Vitamins, 3 Major Minerals, and 18 amino acids
    • A concentrated good tasting liquid to be mixed with water (1 oz to 10 oz water) and drank before, during and after exercise.


    bulletUltimate Nature's Whey.
    bulletThis beneficial source of protein provides sustained high energy levels throughout the day.
    bulletMany have experienced great benefits adding NaturesWhey to their daily regimen.
    bulletThe shake is great tasting and it keeps you feeling satisfied longer than other comparable products.
    bulletUltimate Nature's Whey is vanilla or chocolate flavored whey and soy protein powder.
    bulletNature's Whey contains vitamins, major minerals and other beneficial nutrients.


    bulletE.F.A (Essential Fatty Acids) an often overlooked essential nutrient
    bulletEFA contains: omega 3, omega 6, omega 9, flax oil and borage oil
    bulletLight and air will quickly destroy the effectiveness of EFA - Youngevity encases its EFA in a light proof nitrogen filled capsule to give it nearly unlimited shelf life
    bulletDeficiency symptoms may include hair loss, circulatory problems, skin diseases, dry mouth and mucous membranes, abnormal weakness, sterility in males and miscarriage in females


    bulletOPC-T The Most Powerful Anti-oxidant known today!
    bulletA combination of two plant derived nutrients, oligomeric proanthocyanadins from grape seed extract (OPC for short) and green tea, known to benefit the human body in a variety of important ways
    bulletOPC's neutralize the destructive free radical molecules known to cause cell damage
    bulletOPC's strengthen arteries
    bulletOPC's have an amazing ability to prevent and treat diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, stroke senility, ulcers, allergies, asthma, premature aging of the skin, premenstrual syndrome and sports related injuries


    • CM Plus - a breakthrough product for inflammation pain!
    • A new product developed to relieve inflammation pain.
    • Contains Cetyl Myristoleate - and has been medically and scientifically demonstrated to promote the relief of joint pain and related discomfort
    • Cetyl Myristoleate is shown to be a most effective anti-inflammatory agent and helps most conditions that end in "itis"


    These are just some of the products Youngevity has to offer. You can go to our price page for a complete list of products and prices. You may also follow the leads below for more general information or get more details on popular products.

    Dr. Joel Wallach,Youngevity ,Dead Doctors Don't Lie,colloidal minerals.

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