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SupraLife Basic Starter Kit Dr Wallach
SupraLife Basic Starter Kit Dr Wallach Quantity in Basket: None
Item #: 87305

Item #: 87305
Contains One of each of the following:

Ultimate™ Gluco-Gel 120 Caps.Ultra Body Toddy

Ultimate™ Gluco-Gel 120 Caps.Mineral Toddy

Ultimate™ Gluco-Gel 120 Caps.Multi-E.F.A..



Dr Wallach: If you are placing high demands on your body you require additional amounts of certain vitamins (A, E and the B Vitamins), minerals (including chromium, zinc, and manganese) and specialized nutrients.

Even more important are powerful antioxidants such as NAC, grape seed extract, CoQ10 and lycopene which provide the body's best defense against free radical damage.

An important aspect of Full Spectrum Nutrition includes organic trace and major minerals. These colloidal plant-derived minerals contribute to thousands of chemical activities in the body and exercise a positive effect on other nutrients such as vitamins. In this way, the body is able to retain these water-soluble nutrients for a much longer period of time before naturally excreting them.

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