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Majestic Earth Sports Tech /Rebound
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Dr Wallach's Majestic Earth "SPORTS TECH / Now repackaged and improved as Rebound Fx 32 OZ"
Majestic Earth® Sport’s Tech's/Rebound Fx   unique formula combines major and trace minerals with vitamins and antioxidants to create a powerful, nutritional drink for active people. Your body needs more than the short energy bursts that most sports drinks provide. With 20 major nutrients and at least 70 trace and major minerals, Majestic Earth® Sport’s Tech's unique formulation gives you lasting energy and supports your body throughout your entire workout.

Majestic Earth® Sport’s Tech/Rebound Fx  provides the answer that makes sense for your body; one that strengthens and supports your body, for a lasting future.

Sport’s Tech/Rebound Fx  is used by all different types of people - from professional athletes and university athletic teams - to firefighters and police officers - and everyone in between. It is the ideal solution for ANYONE who lives in a warm climate or who participates in ANY form of exercise or outdoor activities.

Facts About Exercise

Dr Wallach:

I have worked with numerous athletes over the years, both aspiring and at the professional level. I have seen these people and others use many sports drinks on the market today with the belief that sugar, salt and electrolytes are enough to support their body during their workout. With absolute conviction I tell you that these are not enough.

Throughout your workout, you are sweating out vitamins and minerals...nutrients that are essential for your body to function properly. Exercise in hot weather further depletes your body of nutrients. The longer you go without replacing these lost nutrients, the more difficult it becomes for your body to replenish them.

Cramping - fatigue - dehydration. Your body is sending signals that these nutrients must be replaced...and fast. These nutrients include major and trace minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, which support your body in fighting free radical damage. Just as you would not continue to run a car without oil, do not continue to exercise without replacing these nutrients.

Suggested Use:

Designed for all active men and women, each bottle of Sports Toddy contains 32 ounces of concentrated nutrients. Mix one to two ounces of Sports Toddy with spring water or your favorite juice and use either before, during or after you exercise.

Supplement Facts


By Dr Wallach:
Majestic Earth® Sport’s Tech™ is an all-natural dietary supplement designed to replenish important nutrients lost during work and play. Majestic Earth® Sport's Tech™ is a specially formulated plant derived liquid mineral supplement for individuals who expend extra amounts of energy. Athletes, children and those that work out will enjoy the benefits of the added 8 vitamins, 3 major minerals and 18 amino acids. Majestic Earth® Sport's Tech™ has a great taste that everyone will enjoy.
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