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PureWorks Lotion - Key Attributes

PureWorks' Antimicrobial Lotion is truly the most powerful antimicrobial topical skin treatment on the market today.

  • Patent-pending formula.
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful germs that can cause illness and infection.
  • Persistent - Continues to protect your skin for hours after application.
  • FDA compliant as both a First-aid Antiseptic and hand sanitizer.
  • Strong antibacterial health claims allowed, as described in 21CFR333.
  • Contains no alcohol, pesticides, or antibiotics.
  • Helps moisturize, condition, and heal skin.

Product Details

PureWorks’ Antibacterial Lotion is truly the most powerful antimicrobial topical skin treatments available anywhere. This unique product provides intensive skin conditioning while providing enhanced long lasting protection against the risk of infection.

This lotion is formulated from the safest and most effective ingredients available. Like PureWorks’ other skin care products, it contains benzethonium chloride, a powerful antimicrobial agent that is well known for both its safety and efficacy. Other ingredients in this formulation synergistically enhance the activity of benzethonium chloride, bolstering its activity and providing highly effective, broad spectrum antibacterial activity. In fact, it meets or exceeds all requirements as set forth by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a First Aid Antiseptic. PureWorks’ Antibacterial Lotion helps protect against bacterial contamination and guard against the risk of infection.

The extra advantages of this formulation include its incredible skin-softening and skin-healing properties. Unlike many other skin disinfectant products that are based upon alcohol, phenols, or the like, PureWorks’ Antibacterial Lotion is alcohol free and actually improves the skin through repetitive use. The product moisturizes and softens the skin while helping to prevent infection in minor cuts and abrasions. Emollients have been artfully incorporated into the product to aid in lubricating and moisturizing the skin, continuing to improve skin condition while providing hours of lasting protection against bacteria and harmful germs that cause illness.

Pure Works'


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